Hi, I am Isabella. I am a Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro, a twenty-eight-year-old girl who fell in love with a Dutch whom I met during my trip in Santorini in 2012. Since then I have lived in Holland, where I found the passion for gastronomy, including many other cheeses. I love to read good books, travel, cook and eat. In the first post, I explain best how I started to enjoy culinary.

Then I came with an idea about writing a blog about cooking. The idea was, then, to send and share here with me a weekly experience like this, placing the best recipes (among others), the unfamiliar vegetables and all the more. Afterwards, I lost the interest in writing about it every week, because it started to become a little repetitive.  But, let’s continue. It’s a pleasure to always have organic vegetables fresh to cook. If you are interested in this topic, you can read posts from the Weekend Box category.

I also continue the blog focusing only on recipes, which is, in fact, what I like to do and what inspires me most. Every time I find a great recipe, I feel to write and share everything, step-by-step, and with many photos, which I also discover worship to make.

But lately, I also write a blog about DIY furniture design. I feel like having a matched piece of furniture in my kitchen is a must. It gives me a good mood. So, I read books about kitchen furniture too now. It’s fun.

So, yeah…you are all welcome to come and visit my blog and talk about recipe and DIY furniture design.